Sunday, May 24, 2015

Giro Stage 15: Visiting the Doctor

Amongst the members of the following caravan is the all important Medical Assistance car.  Those that are suffering from both new wrecks and old ones alike can drop back to visit the doctor while tooling along at 40 kilometers an hour.  The descent off of the Passo Daone was fast, twisting and narrow.  One of the especially tight turns was further constricted by a rather foolish reporter and motorcycle driver who stopped on the road surface in order to broadcast a mid race report.  Several riders went down trying to avoid the fools, most notably Damiano Caruso (BMC) who dived head first into the soft dirt.  While I didn't see Igor Anton (Movistar) go down, I assume he was one of those who had difficulty negotiating the narrow descent.  One of the common methods of treatment is the 'magical spray' that is both disinfectant and numbing agent that will tend to the immediate symptoms of the crash and help prevent infection.

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